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The Great Perception Grab

The idea that perception was co-opted long ago has been rolling around in my mind for some decades now. And given the extreme state of non-reality currently marring our daily lives I thought that perhaps now would be the time to ask myself, “What do I mean by that?”

I believe it began with disruption. Zeroing in on what humans feel they need to survive and thrive…like shelter, food and sex. Then, finding a wedge (religion and status) to create a complex regarding said essential needs. Such as toll-boothing, charging for what should belong to all of us. Withholding, carefully planned scarcity. And shaming, such as, “you’re bad“ if you engage in or even think about certain ideas or behavior.

It was pretty straight forward pre-tech, pre-global communication. All they really needed was for all headlines and pulpits to be screaming the same message. But right near the end of the 20th century, when citizens and news organizations could report, text and email each other within seconds, things got a little wiggy.

Actually, they got a lot wiggy - by design.

Media (fiction and non-fiction) became a constantly churning, reality-bending, perception-creating algorithm of narration promotion, held in place by the usual reward/punishment hierarchy of self-censorship within power structures - only now, individuals and companies became defined by the hyped up instant type/send “crack” of social media.

Sure, seeming chaos is a cause of concern for planners, but they didn’t have to worry for long, because controlling public perception became easier as the reactive speed of group-think increased.

Example: Cowboys yell, causing cattle run in the opposite direction. All it takes is a series of panic-drives to steer the herd to slaughter.

Public discourse, opinion and financial markets are very easy to control once social engineering has reached that level of predictability.

One doesn’t need conspiracies in a system that has self-protection built into its infrastructure. Oppressors/Extractors can always count on the self-preservation impulse of their underlings to keep them safe. Continued supremacy is all but guaranteed once critical thinking has been bred/vetted out and rewards for ambition of power and status (which can only be granted from the top) have been firmly established. In that way, Perception Merchants will continue to enjoy freedom from discovery, criticism or investigation.

As long as think-tanks, financial and social strategists keep their reality-generating machines running at full speed 24/7, all day, every day, by creating new fears, new outrages and new hatreds - perception will continue to be captured, manipulated and enforced through the time honored, proven, reward/punishment social tool of acceptance/banishment. Thus, ensuring that those who benefit most from extraction will gain exponentially by distraction.

Here are a few guidelines to help keep your hand on the inside of the maze:

* If you know their name - they’re a figurehead.

* If you’re seeing it - it’s because they want you to see it.

* If you think they’re stupid - you haven’t seen their 50 - 100 years game plan.

* And chances are - by the time you catch on, it’s too late to do anything about it.

At least that’s the way it seems to me,

Sharee Anne Gorman


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