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Darwinian Economics

I cannot begin to express the whole of what is right and beautiful about the world we were born into...nor possibly encapsulate the horror of our continued fight for survival in an increasingly absurd non-reality, marked by profoundly diminishing intellectual returns.

Darwin studied nature, in microcosm and macrocosm, and the conclusion he drew was that nature's ultimate goal and end game would be "Survival of the Fittest".

But what is the purpose of survival?

And why produce a larger brain only to continue on in the automatic struggle for said survival in the form of spilt blood and oppression? When did human survival start to manifest itself as war and eventually the more abstracted violence of ledger warfare ?

Two words, Darwinian Economics.

I guess most people today would call this phenomena Neo-Liberalism but I find Darwinian Economics to be a more honest and illustrative label. Not that these concepts had been arrived at during the "their land has a lot more stuff than ours...let's go take it" phase of our development.

Darwinianism arose later - when humans thought themselves to be more civilized and needed a philosophy to justify avarice.

But my question is, will human suffering ever reach a level where even the most jaded of world views loses its steely commitment to indifference? Where the help that is emphatically promised, isn't just one more con for corporate extraction?

Are we not (with our miraculous brains and potential for self-awareness) perfectly suited to the task of transcending automatic, competitive-based survival - and, in so doing, develop for ourselves the ability to evolve into a state of conscious, cooperative-based mutual survival?

We live on a constantly renewing planet, yet the most consistent reason we have faced shortages of resource or experienced the social condition of "not enough to go around" is because Darwinian planners have manipulated markets and stolen more than their fair share of natural resources - and managing, in their quest for ever-increasing fortunes, to mindlessly poison the very land upon which we depend.

We are living a tragedy perpetuated by a travesty.

Our minds are capable of planning, of cooperating, of predicting outcomes - but our world, our societies, our hopes, our dreams and our indoctrinations have all been co-opted by greed. We have been premeditatively and strategically subjugated through economic mechanisms to ensure our enslavement. To make it impossible to have a free moment to ponder the human condition - thereby forcing us into a daily preoccupation with animal, rather than human, survival.

We live in a world of debt peonage, wage slavery and rent extraction. While those who languish in luxury pat themselves on the back for having infiltrated, implemented and achieved their centuries-old game of "Survival of the Fittest" - but only if you count a never-ending web of lies, theft and enslavement as "the fittest".

As for me, I think that's some sneaky shit.

At least that's the way it seems to me,

Sharee Anne Gorman


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