When we jail the exposer of crimes rather than the criminals themselves...

I have been the child of hope.

I have been the resister of fates

who believes in turning tables.

I have been the accepter of realities

who n...

Primal Scream

Strangled agony splits the air

nerves explode

I am aware

I scream for my parents

and the price of collusion

I scream for my chil...

I cannot begin to express the whole of what is right and beautiful about the world we were born into...nor possibly encapsulate the horr...

Light is costly 

it shows the cracks

reveals the truth

but casts a shadow

Light is where lies

go to die

where the scales

fall off

where friends


Ships On The Horizon

(Columbus 2.0)

We lift tired eyes

offering time-ravaged souls

to what we thought

was Heaven

We were taught

we were told


I am a stakeholder.

I was born into

the Family of Consciousness

on this planet...Earth.

I am not

a mechanism for profit.

I was not born

to labo...


I’ve stopped crying. Not for others, for myself.

This concerns me.

Not because I like crying, particularly. But, because it frighte...

Intuitive observers of One-ness

Parents of music, language and arts

Ancient cultivators of


Forgive us our tears

our ignorance




shattered enemies

come now

from silent prayers

Redemption, laughing

shining with

a baffled light

Sleep now, to dream

return loneliness


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