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"The Tide"

(a cappella/spoken word)

A Global Rising Song documenting the awakening of the oppressed and our long journey out of the darkness.


Confessions of an empire.

Beats/Music by

Sharee Anne Gorman



For some children...war is the new normal.

Peace Poem


Sharee Anne Gorman




2 minute, multi-media art videos written, animated, directed and performed by sharee anne gorman.


(Poem of American Crisis)

A multi-media video on the state of

our culture and the decline of our psychological health.


"We the People"

(Time to Flash Mob Democracy)

An alternative Campaign Ad video and call to action for taking democracy back.

"The Game"

(Nobody Wins)

A multi-media video calling for compassion and an end to religious justifications for war. 

"Comes the Light"

The world is changing through the lens of our perception. ​Could justice be too far behind?


Video poem reading...trying to decipher a world without sound. ​


"Network" Speech

Understanding the mind-set

of the 1%.

Beats/Music by

Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad~cyberpoet)


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