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Ships On The Horizon (Columbus 2.0)

Patina of Decay by Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomadcyberpoet)

Ships On The Horizon

(Columbus 2.0)

We lift tired eyes

offering time-ravaged souls

to what we thought

was Heaven

We were taught

we were told

we were sold

a lie

forged in the casually-spilt

blood of innocents

The poor die hungry

while the rich grow old

wrapped in their blankets of

class-war denials

To lie and gain

to hide in plain


to give while in truth

they are taking

Now we know

our children know

avarice obeys but one law

to own/to control

the few must confuse

and hobble

the many

Teach them right

while doing wrong

that is the strategy

and privilege

of plenty

So, if the pious land on your soil

your rich and fertile soil

with assurances of selfless charity

or investor parity



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