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In a world whose governments and institutions can increasingly be defined as "Looting, and lies to cover looting" - it begs the question: When?

When do we start living up to our mission statements, our constitutions...our evolutionary imperative as sentient beings?

When the fates of the many

are no longer determined

by the greed of the few.

When the structures of power

no longer dismantle the spirit

and sovereignty of the vulnerable.

When the blood of innocents

no longer soak the hems

of the rich.

When drunken shouts of stadium victories

no longer drown out

the cries of unspeakable misery.

When sanity at last prevails and

indifference is no longer

the coin of our realm-

only then, will the myths and stories

of human potential

finally ring true.


© 2017 Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad~cyberpoet)

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