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"Comes The Light"

"Comes The Light" by Sharee Anne Gorman

Comes the Light

Scorched by the all-seeing eye of media -

in print, on film, from surveillance.

A window to ourselves,

we can no longer ignore our own reflection.

We know who we are now.

The fooled.

The lied to.

The easily distracted.

By the ever-increasing rich,

skittering into ever-shrinking shadows.

Where does profit come from?

...from the under-paid...

...from the over-charged...

from the land of an occupied people.

We pay for wars

while the wealthy

reap the rewards

and we let them call it



for the struggling

for the lonely

for the starving

and the forgotten

for the lost and the angry

Comes the Light.

The light of recognition.

The light of restitution.

The light of redemption.

The truth of who we are

in the hour

of our unfolding.

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