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Sharee Anne Gorman

Iconoclast is a collection of new and older poems by Los Angeles area artist Sharee Anne Gorman (annienomad). In this collection, her fourth to date, she shares her journey from social misfit and traumatized youth hiding in plain sight to social critic and political skeptic.

Some of the guidelines she has developed along this journey are heuristics she uses to keep her hand on the inside of the reality maze.

Here are a few of those heuristics:

* If you know their name, they're a figurehead.
* Everything is looting...and lies to cover looting.
* If you're seeing’s because they want you to see it.
* The revolution will be scripted.

My first book "Primal Scream - An Urban Journal"  published in 2012, is acollection of personal, yet social-minded poetry. With this, my first collection, I sought to strip-down language and reorder my thinking in such a way that I  could reclaim my individual point of view and unbind myself from automatic thinking. "Primal Scream" became a self-authored tool for personal de-programming, a harrowing and humbling journey, in which I eventually found the courage to question authority and challenge the subtle patterns of friendly persuasion...society's most effective tool  for convincing, otherwise, free-thinking individuals, to just "go along".

"Legends, Myths & Journeys - Poetry and Verse for the Young Adult"  my second book, is a more fanciful collection. My goal being to provide thoughtful young people with a relatable example of the examined life so that they, in turn, may develop the tools necessary to create a meaningful existence. "Legends, Myths & Journeys" invites young readers on a quest to unravel the mystery of human nature and extends an open invitation to rediscover the wonder of our authentic selves...that essential part of us that sometimes gets lost in the maelstrom of social media, violent video games and the consumer conformity that makes up much of our daily lives.

"Politics & Poetry - An Invitation to Critical Thinking"  my third collection, is an examination of our current affairs as a nation and my personal statement as a concerned world-citizen. In "Politics & Poetry" I attempt to deconstruct the architecture of our growing political disconnect and offer up a workable plan for addressing the global scourge of economic inequality through the implementation of a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages

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